Never Be The Sun  

                 You'll never be the sun,
               Turning in the sky.
               And you won't be the moon above us
               On a moonlit night.
               And you won't be the stars in heaven
               Although they burn so bright,
               But even on the deepest ocean
               You will be the light.
               You may not always shine as you go
               Barefoot over stone.
               You might be so long together
               Or you might walk alone.
               And you wont find that love comes easy
               But that love is always right.
               So even when the dark clouds gather
               You will be the light.
               And if you lose a part inside
               When love turns 'round on you
               Leaving the past behind
               Is knowing you'll do
               Like you always do
               Holding you blind,
               Keeping you true.
                 Blue Surrender          
           With blue surrender
           And tears of joy
           With tongues of fire
           She loved the boy,
           She learned
           To take him by the hand
           She waited for the man
           In him.
           In the world a singer
           She holds a spark
           For a song like diamonds
           In the dark
           And as the big lights burn the stage
           All that comes of age
           Is blue surrender
                 Through the night
               I feel her cold hand creep
               To brush the teardrop from her smile
               The demon dares
               With bodies drenched with sleep
               And when the night is gone
               Behind the curtains drawn
               It's blue surrender
               Just one more time
               To cool the burning
               Down inside
               And as you lean into the flame
               You call out in the name
               Of blue surrender
         Rept Ch.
         Rept V1.
               Words and music Donagh Long
               Copyright  .(Universal Music
                             The Shadow
         It's over now
         The guns have flowed
         The nightmare flashed
         On a cradel road,
         As the guilty rain came down.
         No child to hold
         Through anxious fears
         No gentle hand
         To catch the tears
         That soak the ancient ground.
         The smile that breaks so gently
         Belies a troubled head
         Like a voice that holds the secrets
         Of the life you might have led,
         Eyes with pale indifference
         In danger and in grace
         But the glance that knows the death-knell
         Left it's shadow on your face.
         In the deep enduring darkness
         As your loyal friends go down
         Touched by the violent crown
         'Till their their hunter's,hunted down.
Ch.      And it's over now............
         The web is slowly woven
         The endless dreamer shed,
         In the dawn the curfew is broken
         On the sunday mornings' dead.
         Centuries of thunder
         Take the Castle in the flood
         To the cold night air of London
         Where your hands are bound in blood.
         Mid winter deepened
         As the parting turned inside
         A thousand times you cried
         But the shadow never died.
         And it's over now
         The guns have flowed
         The nightmare flashed
         On a cradel road,
         As the guilty rain came down.
         No child to hold
         Through anxious fears
         No gentle hand
         No graceful years
         Just bitter ancient ground.
         But it's over now.
                         Donagh Long.
                               Universal Music 
                     SOLDIERS OF DESTINY
               Well we used to be
               Like Soldiers of destiny.
               And we used to drive our wings
               Through a clear blue sky.
               And if you still believe
               Believe in what tomorrow brings
               And you can drink from the endless well
               As the years roll by.
               But if you've got a heart for me
               And I know you had a heart for me
               And if you can find it at the end of every day
               Then there is still a place for me
               Burning in the midnight breeze
               And we will never lose our way
               As the years roll by.
               But if you find someone
               Hold him close and warm him.
               For it's the love inside
               That your great heart yearns.
               And if your happiness
               Is more than just a smile
               May the light in your brown eyes
               Bring you a child.
               And may your only true love
               Never be a blue love
               May you always be so carefree and so wild.
               And may whoever takes your hand
               Keep you safe and strong
               And may you never lose your way
               As the years roll by.
                         Copyright Little Rox   
                       ARMS OF AN EAGLE
           Well the sunday drive is nearly over
           Bring the tired and hungry home
           And my Fathers' songs bring tears and laughter
           With a magic all their own
           For the working man it's a simple plan
           Now his Everest is near
           Guide the children of his faithfull union
           So safely through their years
           Ch. I grew up in the arms of an eagle
               Untouched by fear
               That I should be the lucky one
               To always have you near
           The stories of his early childhood
           In the great war first saw light
           He cut his teeth on the North-Atlantic fleets
           As the Dogs of War came out to fight
           And he'd shake his head in disbelief
           At how they tore the world apart
           He knelt and prayed that men some day
           Might lose the darkness in their hearts
           When the clouds had cleared and the war was over
           And we were safe and free
           He turned his hand as an honest man
           To keep his family
           In the summer of my younger years
           He would sing and I would play
           Now the songs still linger on inside me
           "From Rangoon across the Bay"
        A Place to Fall
I held the hand of a girl one time,
Who had touched the face of God
And I became her prisoner
In my body and my thoughts
I gave in so easy then
Itís so hard to recall
Everybody needs some place to fall
Building bonfires to our youth
We scaled the Castle walls
We freed the slaves in innocence
And we stood proud and tall
We tore up all the papers
Vows of love and all
Did we both just need a place to fall
I keep knocking on at my true lovesí door
She donít answer me, cause I still want more
I didnít see it coming
And I ran into the wall
Maybe I just need a place to fall.
So I exchanged a bible
For my blood-stained rosary
And I woke up on a hillside
With moon and silver sea
I can hear the whole world singing
Answering my call
Baby I just found a place to fall
                         Jakes' Song
           It's not your love that makes you crazy,
           Or your desire that makes you crawl.
           And leaves you helpless, like a baby.
           On hands and knees to feel so small.
           You'll grow up in a world where angels,
           Throw their wings away too soon.
           Don't lose your love on careless strangers,
           Or wait too long under the moon.
           But to stay away from love
           Would be unkind.
           Don't be afraid of love.
           You were made for love
           Remember always.
           I see you move behind the curtain
           That turns a tremble to a smile.
           Your hand is quick but your eye's uncertain
           With passion born you bless the child.
           But to stay away from love
           Would be unkind.
           Don't be afraid of love.
           God knows you're made of  love
           Remember always.
           Donagh Long
           The China Waltz                 
    Silver falls,
    Like painted dolls they sit.
    Their endless days now done.
    In fields of fire
    Their hearts retire
    Dancing the china waltz.
    Their younger years
    Still touched by thoughts
    (That) their time will surely come
    And all their days
    Thrown away
    On love and the secret waltz.
    So dance me the china waltz
    Under the Easter moon
    They move in silence as their bodies rise and fall
    'Till the first love's overtaken
    In the breaking light at dawn
    The hard release
    That steals the peaceful dream
    Might take this breath away
    But here behind
    Where love goes blind
    The sound of the china waltz
                   Lyrics and Music Donagh Long.